Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Fashion for Boys!

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Hey guys !
Today a friend and I were so bored in our class, that we just decided to talk about fashion for boys, what we think looks hot. So I thought that I would just search some good picture at we heart it ,to share them with you guys! (:

I love when a guy wears a v-cut t-shirt! Some friends told me they look gay with them, but after a few weeks even they wore them! Seriously v-cut tees paired with a blazer and skinny jeans look damn hot!
And also hats or caps looks so good! I like how the guy on the second picture paired ripped jeans with a hat and a basic t-shirt. It's just so simple, but also stylish! Sometimes less is more! (:
On the third picture are just some guys with black/dark (skinny) jeans. Particularly the right guy with the red shirt and the black jacket looks amaazing! (Looks even better when they leave the top button open and show a little skin.
When I first saw a picture of Logan Lerman with long hair a few months ago I thought "Oh my gosh! Even with long hair he looks damn good!" And beanies (are they called beanies?) look very good too!
The last picture is also Logan with a leather jacket, a stripped t-shirt and jeans. Again just a simple look that can look very very good.

So what do you think looks good on guys? Just leave a comment below! (:


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