Freitag, 23. September 2011


Hey guys!
I just thought I'd tell you what I've been doing the last 2 days. We were on Octoberfest and it was so much fun! We were about 14 people, but because we were so many we split up in two groups. The ones that went in the tent to drink, and the group I was in. I wasn't really in the mood to drink something. I wanted to go to the different fun rides. Well I only was in 2 fun rides. The Cyber Space and Power Tower. Sadly I couldn't take pictures of them because I don't want to take my camera to Octoberfest. So here are two pictures I found in Google.

The first one is Cyber Space. And OMG! I thought I'd die! First I didn't want to, because it said it's 100km/h (!), but my friends convinced me to do it. Even though it was expensive and I really just said OMG OMG the whole ride, it was so cool! Definitely worth the money.
And the second one is the Power Tower. I already knew this one but still it was, not really scary, however you never knew when you'd fall down! And there was like so much space between the secure-belt-thing and my shoulders. It was a bit scary.
We also bought roasted almonds and cotton candy. I love roasted almonds! I could eat them all day (:

And today I felt so sick! I just couldn't really get out my bed for school, and almost everyone in our class was tired, felt sick or had a hangover. I kinda felt like I had a hangover even though I didn't really drink that much. And I can bear pretty much alcohol. The school day went by so slowly. Some teachers just said, we should try to listen. Others said, "If you all can drink, you can also learn!" and our coolest teacher said to me, "Did you look to deep into the glass?" He's our Spanish teacher and our homeroom teacher. One of the best we ever had! He even said, that maybe we are going to beer garden on our field day! Well we would have to go there by bike together or walk there, because we are supposed to march, but whatever! It would be the best field trip ever!
After school some friends asked me if I wanted to go to Octoberfest again, but I just didn't feel so good (still don't feel good), so I decided to just lay in my bed, watch some movies, Gossip Girl, Warehouse 13, Vampire Diaries or other series and relax. Which series do you like to watch? And what do you do when you're sick? I also did my nails, though only white french nails.
Finally I have an idea for a birthday present for a good friend. She's going to be 16 very soon, and she's doing a girl sleepover. I thought, because she loves Hello Kitty, I'm going to make her Hello Kitty cake! And then I'll going to buy her something.

I did this one for my best friend in June. It was hard work, however she was very happy about it and it was delicious!

Well, that's it for today!



  1. That cake is so cute and it actually makes me really hungry now at tea time!

  2. Ich finde, du solltest die Fotos auf deinem Blog etwas größer posten :)

  3. @Tanja Danke für den Tip :) Ich werd beim nächsten mal dran denken ! (: